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Immigrants & Problem History of Citizenship Day

October 22, 2021
During his first Citizenship Day speech on Sept. 17, 1952, President Truman warmly greeted the immigrants attending the annual meeting of the National Conference on Citizenship in Washington, D.C. Later that day, they would take the Oath of Allegiance at a naturalization ceremony, shedding their status as immigrants to become U.S. citizens. In commemoration of…

Supreme Court will soon hear Trump’s push to exclude undocumented immigrants from census

October 20, 2020
“The unprecedented proposal could have the effect of shifting both political power and billions of dollars in federal funds away from urban states with large immigrant populations,” The Texas Tribune reports, “and toward rural and more Republican interests.” Some say unprecedented, the lower courts say illegal. Of course the worry now is that the Supreme Court

Children of Poor Immigrants Rise, Regardless of Where They Come From

November 17, 2019
The Upshot|Children of Poor Immigrants Rise, Regardless of Where They Come FromA pattern that has persisted for a century: They tend to outperform children of similarly poor native-born Americans. Oct. 28, 2019ImageImmigrants waiting to be transferred, Ellis Island, Oct. 30, 1912.Credit...Library of CongressImmigration to the United States has consistently offered a route to escape poverty…