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Africa: Is a Green Recovery in Africa Possible After Covid-19?

July 24, 2021
Africa is hard hit by the Covid-19 crisis and especially vulnerable to the effects of climate change. A new report suggests ways the continent can build back better as it … Read More The post Africa: Is a Green Recovery in Africa Possible After Covid-19? appeared first on Black Politics. https://blackpolitics.org/africa-is-a-green-recovery-in-africa-possible-after-covid-19-2/

Africa: Green Gold – Avocado Farming On the Rise in Africa

May 1, 2021
In East Africa and Nigeria, avocado farmers want to enter the insatiable export market. Environmental concerns cast a shadow over the crop in other parts of the world. What will African farmers do differently? Baker Ssengendo’s vision for the future of Uganda starts with an avocado seedling. “The avocado tree has a lifespan of about

Africa: Green Africa First Aircraft Arrives in Lagos

April 26, 2021
Upcoming Nigerian carrier, Green Africa, has announced the arrival of its first ATR 72-600 aircraft into Lagos. The airline said this was the first of the three aircraft currently leased from ACIA Aero Leasing. The carrier recently unveiled the delivery of two aircraft (5N-GAE and 5N-GAA) and the third aircraft (5N-GAD) is also now beautifully

CENTRAL AFRICA/WEST AFRICA : Jeantet opens new 'green' OHADA desk

December 23, 2020
Green energy will be the theme of the first two seminars organised by Jeantet’s brand new OHADA desk. Source link

Ex-Army Green Beret pleads guilty to Russia espionage charge

November 18, 2020
ALEXANDRIA, Va. — A former Army Green Beret pleaded guilty Wednesday to divulging military secrets to Russia about his Special Forces unit’s activities in former Soviet republics. Peter Rafael Dzibinski Debbins, 45, of Gainesville, Virginia, pleaded guilty to a charge under the federal Espionage Act at a hearing in U.S. District Court in Alexandria. He