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Frederick Douglass and Ulysses S. Grant on Reconciliation and Its Pitfalls – BillMoyers.com

January 28, 2021
This post first appeared in the Muster: How the Past Informs the Future blog of The Journal of the Civil War Era. Speaking in New York City in 1878, Frederick Douglass had a warning for white northerners about how they remembered the Civil War. “Good, wise, and generous men at the North,” Douglass observed, “would

Looking for Frederick Douglass in Savannah

December 31, 2019
SAVANNAH, Ga. — Frederick Douglass passed through this elegant Southern city only once, for the briefest of visits — a half-hour whistle-stop on his rail journey to a speaking engagement in Jacksonville, Fla.It was April 1889, just the second foray into the Deep South for the great orator, five decades after his escape from Maryland…