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ETHIOPIA : The final obstacles on the road to Ethio Telecom's privatisation

June 26, 2021
On 14 June, the Ethiopian government kick-started the tendering process for the future partial privatisation of the state-owned telephone operator Ethio Telecom. Source link

Africa: Why Cranes Need to Correct Results On Final Straight

January 23, 2021
Uganda, Togo, Morocco and Rwanda were all heading to the pitch for their second Group C games of the African Nations Championship (Chan) last night as we published this. But the topic of discussion remains as alive as the next and final group games on Tuesday night. It will be the same kick-off times between

Final Weekend Campaigning Reflects Both Traditional Barnstorming and 2020 Chaos

October 31, 2020
President Trump predicted “bedlam” and a lack of clarity about the presidential results until weeks after Election Day as he barnstormed Pennsylvania, while former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. made his first joint appearance with former President Barack Obama at an event in Michigan. The last Saturday before Election Day offered traditional last-minute frantic

Biden rose above as Trump reined in the yelling, but not the lies, at final debate

October 23, 2020
Trump looked physically pained at not being able to interrupt within Biden’s first answer, a look that only grew through the evening, with regular breakthroughs of his rage. We can’t overlook that. Trump was better than three weeks ago. He was partially under control. He still spent the evening spewing lies and personal attacks and losing his

Who won the final presidential debate? Experts grade Trump-Biden

October 23, 2020
President Trump posted a sharper and calmer performance during his final debate against former Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday night, but it was unclear if his better showing was enough to alter the shape of the race in its closing days, a Post panel of debate experts said. Four experts examined the 90-minute forum

Iran and Russia Seek to Influence Election in Final Days, U.S. Officials Warn

October 22, 2020
“But they have gone from propaganda to deliberate interference in this election,” John Hultquist, the senior director of FireEye, a Silicon Valley security firm, said after Wednesday’s announcement.“Their focus here is to prey on existing fears that election infrastructure will be subverted and hacked, as well as fears of voter intimidation,” he said.Iran may not