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Georgia Is a Purple State, but Don’t Expect Centrist Politicians

November 23, 2020
PERRY, Ga. — The Republican Senate candidates in Georgia are spending tens of millions of dollars on an almost entirely negative advertising campaign, embracing a strategy of riling up the conservative base in hopes of generating enough turnout to win two critical runoff elections that will decide control of the Senate.Despite President Trump’s loss here,

‘Sort of behaviour you’d expect from Isis’

October 16, 2020
(Independent)At a speech in Michigan billed as remarks about the Affordable Care Act, Joe Biden paid tribute to Governor Gretchen Whitmer, following the recent discovery of the plot to kidnap her.“There is not a better governor in the United States of America than Gretchen Whitmer,” he said. “You’ve shown this whole nation just how tough

The Political Conventions Are Starting. Here’s What to Expect.

August 17, 2020
“I accept —” “— your nomination —” “— for president —” “— of the United States.” [cheers and applause] The conventions. “It’s when a lot of people start taking the race seriously.” “I’ve been to pretty much every convention since 1988.” “Read my lips.” “Normally, a convention is wild.” But in 2020, things are a