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Joe Biden delivers the speech of his lifetime, at exactly the right time

August 21, 2020
Anyone who had been listening to Trump or Trump’s cadre of Republican trolls had to be watching in expectation that Biden would fumble and fuddle his way through the evening. After all, to listen to Trump, Biden can barely get through a sentence. Those people were very, very disappointed tonight. Everyone else was carried away

ESPN’s New Michael Jordan Documentary Is Exactly What We Need Right Now. Here’s How They Made It

April 18, 2020
ESPN has taken noble swings at programming a sports network with no sports. But there are only so many airings of marbles races, old games and gabfests about the April 23–25 NFL draft—an event that, during the COVID-19 pandemic, feels as significant as a speck of sand—that viewers can take. That’s why fans clamored so…