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Tammy Duckworth Is Nothing and Everything Like Joe Biden

August 2, 2020
They have been married since 1993. Mr. Bowlsbey now works as an information technology consultant.Though Ms. Duckworth moved to Illinois to pursue a doctorate, she went through flight school and entered the Illinois National Guard in 1996.Before her deployment eight years later, Ms. Duckworth had been working at Rotary International, helping to manage offices in

The week when everything changed for Trump

July 25, 2020
Trump at White HouseIt’s as though in January 2017, Donald Trump was given a shiny, new car. The best, most beautiful car the world has ever seen. And in July 2020, the president made an important discovery about it.It has a reverse gear.It was an extra on the car he never thought he’d need –

Here’s Everything New on Netflix in January 2020—and What’s Leaving

January 3, 2020
January, the month for resolutions, is often seen as a time to hit the gym, read that new book and set some 2020 goals—not necessarily for binging Netflix from the couch. But with the number of new seasons of the streamer’s original series set to drop this month, it might be time to make an…

Everything You Need to Know About the October Democratic Debate

November 1, 2019
October’s Democratic presidential primary debate is a big one, literally. Twelve candidates will appear onstage together tonight, which The New York Times reports makes the debate the largest presidential primary debate in recorded American political history. So who made the cut? The same 10 candidates from the September primary debate will appear, including front runners…