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Zimbabwe Has Great Economic Potential – Russian Academics, Business Executives

March 14, 2021
RUSSIAN business executives and academics Sunday said there are enormous benefits in investing in Zimbabwe especially in the mining and agriculture sectors noting the country’s promising economic potential. The Russians also said investors should consider that Zimbabwe was one of the safest states in Africa. These sentiments came out when the Association of Economic Cooperation

AFRICA : AfDB banks on African economic resilience to Covid-19

February 19, 2021
African Development Bank president Akinwumi Adesina is due to hold an event in Abidjan in mid-March dedicated to the resilience of African economies to the Covid-19 pandemic. Source link

Africa: Scholar Recommends Ethiopia’s Economic Policy to Other Africans

December 13, 2020
Ethiopia is a good example to African countries with regard to pursuing home-grown economic policy and strategies that are free from the dominance of developed countries, a renowned African policy scholar said. In an emailed interview with The Ethiopian Herald, Political Economy Professor at Nairobi University, Michael Chege stated that the policies and strategies of

Trump’s Either/Or Thinking Reveals His, GOP’s Deadly View of “Economic Success”

October 25, 2020
Donald Trump and his Republican colleagues have demonstrated a dangerous habit of thought when it comes to seeking solutions to the most urgent and life-threatening problems facing Americans and the nation as a whole. What is that habit of thought? They tend to think in stark and narrow either/or terms when it comes to devising

Trump Sent His Economic Team Out To Defend His Executive Orders And It Was A Total Disaster

August 10, 2020
Trump sent his top economic advisers to defend his executive orders and the result was chaos, confusion, and disaster. Larry Kudlow seemed to have no idea how much money unemployed people would be getting: BASH: You keep saying $1,200 per person. Are you talking about in addition to the unemployment that they’re already getting? KUDLOW:

Trump’s Coronavirus Incompetence Caused ‘Most Severe’ Economic Collapse In Modern History

July 30, 2020
Donald Trump’s bungling of the coronavirus crisis has led to the “most severe” economic downturn in modern history, according to his hand-picked Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell. “The current economic downturn is the most severe in our lifetimes,” Powell said on Wednesday, according to Barron’s. “It will take continued support from both monetary and fiscal

Biden Unveils Economic Plan Focused on Racial Equity

July 28, 2020
WILMINGTON, Del. — Joseph R. Biden Jr. unveiled the capstone to his comprehensive economic recovery plan on Tuesday with a speech that outlines his vision to “advance racial equity in our economy.”.Mr. Biden delivered his address in Wilmington, Del., when he pledged that fighting systemic racism is integral to an array of his economic proposals,

With ‘Buy American’ Economic Speech, Biden Takes On Trump and ‘MAGA’

July 9, 2020
Joseph R. Biden Jr. will lay out a populist economic vision to revive and reinvest in American manufacturing on Thursday, calling for major new spending and stricter new rules to “Buy American” as part of an effort to more aggressively challenge President Trump on two of his signature issues: the economy and nationalism.In a speech

How the Civil War Changed the Way Americans Thought About Economic Inequality

April 24, 2020
In the run-up to the 2020 election, some Americans are increasingly worried about the immense power that wealth plays in the country’s democracy. Those concerns would not have surprised Americans in 1776 — they assumed that property and political power were intertwined. Indeed, one had to own property to vote, although in America (unlike England)…