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In Kalamazoo, Old High School Classmates Reckon With a Divided Country

October 17, 2020
Chris Kooi is, on paper, the kind of voter who helped Mr. Trump win Michigan in 2016: white, non-college educated, late-Gen Xer, male. In 2003, he moved from Kalamazoo to a rural county 20 miles east, the sort of place where Mr. Trump ran up the numbers. Keep up with Election 2020 Like many people,

Abraham Lincoln Healed a Divided Nation. We Should Heed His Words Today.

February 18, 2020
Abraham Lincoln repeatedly tops polls as our greatest and most revered president. But few people thought so on March 4, 1865, when he took the oath of office for the second time. On that day, America was still mired in the terrible war that the Republicans had been determined to wage. The refusal of Southern…