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Mozambique: Cyclone Eloise Hits Beira

January 23, 2021
Maputo — As forecast, Cyclone Eloise hit the central Mozambican city of Beira early on Saturday morning, with winds of 140 kilometres an hour and gusts of up to 160 kilometres an hour, according to the independent television station, STV. The cyclone flooded much of the city, and left it without electricity, while mobile phone

Mozambique: Coastal City of Beira Braces for Another Hit

January 22, 2021
Geneva — The Mozambican city of Beira and the region around it are bracing for the impact of tropical storm Eloise, expected to make landfall soon. “Even if Eloise doesn’t make landfall directly on Beira, there is a very high probability that Beira is going to be hit by these very high winds and heavy