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SENEGAL : Police invest in TAG armoured vehicles in wake of riots

April 22, 2021
In response to the tense situation, the interior minister Antoine Félix Abdoulaye Diome placed an urgent order for a consignment of several dozen BATT armoured personnel carriers (APC) from the American-Emirati supplier The Armored Group (TAG). Source link

NIGER/SOMALIA : Osprea corners armoured vehicle market with G5 Sahel and AMISOM

April 4, 2021
It is a time of plenty for Osprea Logistics. With the US Africa Command (AFRICOM) having recently delivered 16 Mamba Source link

CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC : EUTM-RCA buys kit from TAG, Haftar's source of armoured vehicles

December 14, 2020
The Armored Group (TAG) continues to win contracts with multinational forces, even though the US firm operates in a Libya under sanctions. Source link