SNCC – A Short Documentary

A short documentary on the SNCC. This video will explain the main details on who was involved in the SNCC, what they accomplished, and what their mission/goal was.

3 thoughts on “SNCC – A Short Documentary

  1. Your facts are INCORRECT when you state that Stokely Carmichael moved SNCC
    towards a more “oppressive” view. He elevated and increased its membership
    drastically. Also, keep in mind that there is a difference between
    self-defense and violence.

  2. you need to revise the script on screen–too many errors John Lewis was
    arrested multiple times but NOT in 1952 also SNCC was not really happy
    about the march on washington–not there style though they did
    participate–no it was a grass roots group and was suspicious of big
    “events” hevertheless this is a helpful video

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