RBG-How the FBI Sabotaged Black America, A Documentary by Gil Noble

The intentional destruction of Black America by the FBI using infiltration, counter-intelligence programs and drugs. From Marcus Garvey to Paul Robeson to Martin Luther King to Malcolm X to Fred Hampton, to the Black Panthers to heroin and crack, the FBI has worked to destroy black people.
COMPANION: COINTELPRO REVISITED-FBI Domestic Intelligence Activities and the Sabotage of Legitimate Dissent

7 thoughts on “RBG-How the FBI Sabotaged Black America, A Documentary by Gil Noble

  1. the dl hobama is the new dl j e hoover hobama is the new hitler hobama =
    bragamus/mabus cc ndaa/wwiii/africom/irs/hobamacare/fema campos/dhs
    ammo/gunless/jobless/homeless etc etc

  2. Poison in the toothpaste? “You can take their culture and use it against
    them.” This crap is still going on. Who created the ‘female?” Hip Hop! So
    disrespectful. Who created “Mollys” so hip so cool, so DESTRUCTIVE!! Seems
    like everybody wants a piece of us. Now look at the prison system. It’s
    become a multimillion dollar business. It’s slavery all over AGAIN!! The
    Prison Corporation just paid out it’s first dividends to its
    investors…$675,000,000. Yes they love their new cash cow.

  3. Wow totally fucking awesome Dude!…..good job fam….keep banging with da

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