Post-Trump White House Takes Shape As Elizabeth Warren Aims To Be Biden’s Treasury Secretary

With just days remaining in this election season, a post-Donald Trump White House is beginning to take shape as Elizabeth Warren is reportedly vying to be the Secretary of Treasury in a potential Joe Biden administration.
According to new reporting from Politico, citing multiple Democratic sources, the Massachusetts senator plans to “make her case” for the job if Biden is victorious in the upcoming presidential election next Tuesday.
“She wants it,” two Democratic officials said, according to the report.

While Warren could continue to push for a more progressive economic approach from the Senate, Politico reports that as Treasury secretary, she would be better positioned to advance the type of “big structural change” she campaigned on during the primary.
As the report notes, “Warren also sees an opportunity amid the economic crisis wrought by Covid-19 … to change the underlying systemic problems or focus on the most vulnerable.”
One potential hurdle for Warren, however, is that a Republican governor would be tasked with choosing her replacement in the Senate if she were to join Biden’s cabinet.
A post-Trump White House is emerging
At a time when millions of Americans are out of work due to Donald Trump’s incompetent response to the pandemic, Joe Biden has already suggested that he plans to go big – on shutting down the coronavirus, on boosting the economy, and on protecting health insurance for millions of Americans.
If elected, the former vice president will likely move quickly to enact some type of relief package to boost the economy as coronavirus cases and deaths begin to surge again. If Biden does become president, he will be inheriting a mess from a president who likely won’t be cooperating during the transition phase.

While the Politico report is only speculation about who Biden might choose to fill a key cabinet position, it does provide a glimpse into a post-Trump White House. In a potential Biden administration, the current president’s Wall Street economic agenda will be junked and replaced with a Main Street economic agenda – regardless of who ends up filling the Democrat’s cabinet posts.
That’s likely music to the ears of millions of Americans who are struggling right now.
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