Namibia: Exile Kids Association Wants Swapo Govt Removed

The Namibia Exile Kids Association (Neka) wants the ruling Swapo Party to recall all its representatives in the current administration under president Hage Geingob, saying they have made themselves guilty of corruption.
Neka chairperson Benita Nakaambo in an interview with The Namibian said she was disappointed to learn that majority of Swapo’s prominent leaders only focused on enriching themselves, their families and friends apart from solving real problems facing society.
She says the allegations of corruption levelled against majority of Swapo’s representatives in the government were enough to have them removed by the party.

This, after reports this week revealed how politicians and prominent Swapo members, including the families of Geingob and his predecessor Hifikepunye Pohamba, positioned themselves to benefit from Namibia’s fishery resources through Tunacor Fishing Group.
There are allegations that companies under the Tunacor flagship have been previously favoured by former fisheries minister Esau and new minister Albert Kawana who has failed to change laws that allowed for alleged corruption deals involving around N$2 billion.

Nakaambo says the Tunacor shareholding list proves that Swapo’s leaders were only concerned with enriching themselves.
“I am of the personal opinion that some people need to be recalled. But who will recall who when all of them in the Swapo central committee are implicated? They must all go. We cannot have an institution that must defend corrupt activities and as a result we are willing to let the ship sink because we are trying to save people. The people must go and allow us who are not compromised to revitalise the institution,” she said.

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She urged ordinary Swapo members to stop defending individuals and denying that Swapo has been infiltrated by corruption. “Why are we too quiet about corruption? Is it because we want to save the people? The people must go so that we can save the institution. The institution must outlive personalities,” she said.
She criticised former president Pohamba for allegedly refusing to assist ‘struggle kids’ during his administration while “his children are getting everything”.
“We are here trying to figure out a solution for the children of the liberation struggle but you have certain individuals, ministers and so on who have refused to listen to our cause and yet they see the need to provide for their own children. I think that is truly unfair. Why are some people deserving than others, when children of the people who actually fought and sacrificed their lives for the independence of Namibia have not been taken care of?” she stressed.

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