Like It Is with Gil Noble – El Hajj Malik El Shabazz (Malcolm X)

21 thoughts on “Like It Is with Gil Noble – El Hajj Malik El Shabazz (Malcolm X)

  1. it makes me angry malcolm is not alive! we as black people need to fix up
    because it was guys who were black that killed him we cannot cry change and
    a future for our people if we continue in our ways! because we have no
    right to complain of white people when many mistreat and kill their own
    brothers! thats not what being black is about!being black is being sincere,
    wise, strong, noble of upright charecter loyal to our people ( ligh or
    dark) and being loyal to the suffering of our people and not profiting of
    our own peoples lack of judgment and sincerity, eg,preachers collecting
    tithe but the people suffer abuse and poverty!

  2. His said the white man brings the drugs in, which evidently means that
    must cause them to use.
    He just makes it seem like African Americans could not think for themselves
    back then. That is just so wrong!

  3. Wow! I never knew about the UN effort! If he could’ve backed King’s
    concrete efforts (even if not considered gains, they proved themselves) of
    Non-Violent Direct Action & King followed the UN lead, DAMN! King didn’t
    figure it out till 4/4/67. There the black American hangs, swaying in the
    breeze of history.

  4. +Constance Truvette
    not through Jesus, who is a Prophet of God, but we get strength through
    God, the God of Jesus and Muhammad and all of creation
    and through the way of life guided to by God, Islam, the way of Prophet
    Jesus, Prophet Muhammad and the martyr Malcolm X – Malik Shabaz

  5. Malcolm,was incredible!!! When he turned his life around,he displayed,a
    rare combination, of self,discipline,and a quest for knowledge!! This made
    him a very dangerous man,because he was capable,of inspiring,and
    inciting,others to learn to do some soul-searching,and to grow
    intellectually!!When a person begins to seek ,knowledge,of God’s,truth,the
    realization,dawns upon him, that he can do all things,through Christ, whom
    strengthens him!!! Malcolm,was recognized internationally, too!!!

  6. He was the greatest bold speaker a man oh? i have have seen on the twenties
    centuries never afraid to die for his people thank you thank you Hotep

  7. We love u Malcolm, we also love the Man that gave u the wisdom Elijah
    Muhammad..Peace be upon both of you….

  8. Malcolm,X,was revered internationally!! He was adept,at communicating to
    others the plight,of human conditions,as well as inspiring,them, to seek
    change!!!He spoke Spirit,to Spirit,and the people said”We see You”!

  9. Malcolm was a muslim so exactly how does all things through Christ have a
    place in regards to Malcolm’s intellect and spirituality? Just wondering.

  10. Don’t forget the F.B.I. cointelpro and various other groups that contracted
    the N.O.I. hit…

  11. نسأل الله أن يغفر له ويرحمه ويدخله جنات الفردوس ويجزاه عما فعل خير الجزاء
    He is a muslim So pray for him that god enter him to paradise May Allah
    have mercy on him

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