10 thoughts on “'Like It Is' w/ Gil Noble – Drug Addiction

  1. Great video for all these NIGGAS that want to do X and pop MOLLIES and
    smoke Synthetic Weed and shit like that.. I couldnt even watch the first
    portion of this shit.. They slaughtering us in so many ways.. smh

  2. thank you for posting this. I have thought about the heroin addicts in the
    first piece for years. I saw that segment when I was 15 and it scared and
    disgusted me so deeply I have never forgotten. The pus filled track marks
    and the man saying “there’s a core in there you gotta get out.” Back then,
    that was the most horrific thing I’d ever seen or heard in media, and it
    kept me away from drugs and drug users all my life. Thank you Gil Noble.

  3. This is sad. .. but what’s even sadder, the brother says he started out on
    marajuana.. Our worse addictions are often introduced to us early in
    life…sugar and salt especially. ..the main contributers to diabetes and
    high blood pressure. … These chemicals are introduced to us before we can
    even talk. ..We can’t help but be addicted to something. ….

  4. Fuck dope!!!!I despise any one selling that shit…no for the law..I’m
    talking bout that detective shit it brought to black and brown folks

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