Joe Biden Tells America You’re Paying For Trump’s Failure And Delusions

Joe Biden spoke about safely reopening schools and said that Trump has offered parents and students nothing but failure and delusions.
Biden said:
American families all across this country are paying the price for his failures. And his administration’s failures. Like many of you, because you’re all reporters, you also have a lot of friends, and you have children, and you probably are hearing the same thing I’m hearing throughout this pandemic. They’re struggling to figure out how to do the right thing, but they’re worried. They’re worried, like the devil. They, what does it mean for my kids? Is this setting my child’s education back beyond just a semester? What impact will it have? How is my child going to catch up? What if — what if I’m not doing enough to help my child succeed? All of those questions, the self-doubt that’s been engaged.

President Trump may not think this is a national emergency, but I think going back to school for millions of children and the impacts on their families and the community is a national emergency. I believe that’s what it is. Protecting our students, our educators, our communities, getting our schools open safely and effectively, this is a national emergency. But president trump still doesn’t have any real plan for how to open our schools safely. No real plan for how to help parents feel secure for their children. He’s offering nothing but failure and delusions from the start to finish to American families and our children. They are paying the price for his failure.

Biden says Trump offers nothing but failure and delusions on opening schools during the pandemic.
— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) September 2, 2020

Biden was addressing kids being able to safely go back to school, but his point also reflects on the state of the country. People have lost their jobs and health insurance because of Trump’s delusions and failure to handle the pandemic.
The unrest and violence in the country have been fueled by Trump’s delusions and desire to divide the nation along racial lines.

It is never Donald Trump who has paid the price for his failures. It has been the American people.
All that can change in November, as Trump could finally be held accountable for his failures by being voted out of office.
The time has come to hold Trump accountable.
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