How Racist White America Continues To React To 'Black-Political-Power'

Forget Red vs. Blue — It’s ‘Slave States’ vs. ‘Free States’ From 2012 Onwards:–Blue—-It-s–Slave-States–vs—Free-States–From-2012-Onwards/256663

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6 thoughts on “How Racist White America Continues To React To 'Black-Political-Power'

  1. This ugly wench melissa is one the most racist negroes ever on tv and fat
    sharpton and hymietown jackson. Fuck her

  2. Political power in the Black community is a very serious topic that I
    discuss on my channel. Feel free to leave feedback by liking or commenting
    on the links. Thanks for the support and make sure you subscribe to the

  3. obama shines a black light on america’s underbelly. the racists have no
    clue that distracting from the issues only puts the attention back on their
    crazy antics. sad reality: it’s a sign of progress they come out & admit
    it’s about race. & carr is right, that headline dog-whistles they’re
    shifting to gender hate as hillary 2016 approaches. there are already
    buttons reducing her to fried chicken parts, & it will only get more

  4. Call me racist I want a white President next time also, Hillary Clinton.
    Reagan let’s see I remember Crack, Homeless People, AIDS, Slip in Wages,
    Poor Middle Class. Yeah, we need another Reagan like I need hemiroids.
    Obama then Hillary.

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