History of the Civil Rights Movement

Beginning with the end of the U.S. Civil War in 1865, African Americans toiled to reach equal status in the eyes of the law. http://www.WatchMojo.com explores the history of the United States’ Civil Rights Movement.

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46 thoughts on “History of the Civil Rights Movement

  1. Obama’s election shouldn’t of been because of racial equality. Now look
    where it got us! 

  2. What about that other really important thing that happened in 1955? You
    know, the murder of Emmett Till? That was a catalyst to the Civil Rights
    Movement. It’s also really important. Why leave it out?

  3. The Klu Klux Klan was created by the Democratic Party. Don’t believe me.
    Just Google it and read the facts.

  4. They call it civil rights. It was Black peoples rights vs white people that
    Martin spoke about.

  5. Got a 10 pager about this movement due tommorow early morning. If anyone
    would like send me notes or passages that I can use to fill the 4 page gap,
    I would really appreciate it :D

  6. @diosito: What a disgrace. You blacks fight for equality then people like
    you come along and throw it on the ground and spit on it. You don’t want
    equality, YOU sir are racist.

  7. My teacher said Bobby Kennedy was the attorney general, but this video said
    it was Robert Kennedy..

  8. i’m black and i’m against all of that especially affirmative action but i
    hate to say this but neither sides are progressing, we cannot progress
    untill there is 100% equality, both ethnicity and genders should treat
    eachother equaly but that will never happen, why? Because people in general
    don’t want equality, they want their gender or race to be dominant and hate
    the rest, there cannot be equality until people realise that their not all
    that different, but that will never happen so we’re fukd

  9. lol. dude… shh. besides, id rather be a low calorie treat, then a black..
    uh.. person( trying not to make a racist thing because, i KNOW somehow
    100,000 black people will be flipping shit on me calling me a cracker like
    yourself, and something about walking through your ghetto and all.. idfc)
    We are all humans, though i will walk a different direction when i see a
    group of blacks, mexicans, etc.. i know how you treat us all. it wont be
    long until your disgusting attitude will be changed.

  10. Yes a long way to go to make critically thinking rational humans to believe
    the sky is brown when they can clearly see that it is blue.

  11. Yes folks 40 years of Leftists telling people of color that they are less
    than, not capable of thinking for themselves,not capable of fending for
    themselves and not capable of making it in America. Yes 40 years of telling
    minorities” the white man is keeping you down” so you need us to to carve
    your path and you are not capable of doing it yourself. Only 20 years
    before that Democrats were segregationists .When they found out they could
    get votes by making you in to victims well here we are.YAY

  12. Its people like you that think a black man being president is screwing over
    America that truly are ruining it.

  13. It’s funny because the blacks got their rights at the same time the
    government decided no one should get rights anyway.

  14. Shut your mouth you need to move on as the way you act is vile,disgusting
    and uncalled for.

  15. @slickhenrik no u mena illegally because why r so many vigliantes arrested
    for trying to save someone from a crime being committed on them like if i
    were to kill a rapist because he almost got my sister id still go to jail
    for taking matters into my own hands. So by her saying that it was
    justifiable and u said lawbreakers how did they break the law by being
    black they desevered to b lynched

  16. they may all be the same, but that’s because you live in some shit hole in
    the south?

  17. Whites always find a way to post their racist views under Black videos. I
    have never read a negative or hate filled comment under a white video even
    though the subjects of the video deserve to be condemned. Blacks always
    restrain themselves,they never post under the videos on crooked nose Thomas
    Jefferson, he said all men were created equal yet he was a slave owner,
    wrote letters saying blacks were ugly, inferior, had stinky body odors &
    mated like animals.His descendents are posting here!

  18. lalaboards?? yore obviously an ignorant fellow. it doesn’t matter who began
    slavery or the slave trade. the fact is it existed and subsequently led to
    longstanding racial prejudice in america and other parts of the world till
    this day. That is the sad part. where it started from is irrelevant in
    terms of who to blame.

  19. So happy this happened, everyone is equal. I love my black brothers, and
    even my whit ones. Black or white are all human, peace and love to all

  20. I can’t tell if you’re trolling or if you’re just an asshole. I’m “white”,
    but absolutely despise even the THOUGHT of having someone working for you
    just because their skin color.

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