Fox News Embarrasses Itself Trying To Mock Biden For Maskless White House Speech

Fox News breathlessly tried to make a big deal out of President Biden speaking at a White House event maskless after the CDC eased guidelines for vaccinated people.


“There he is maskless”
— Acyn (@Acyn) May 13, 2021

As Biden sprinted to the podium, the Fox News voiceover said, “There he is maskless, as Joe Biden walks to the podium. We’ve seen him without his mask now and then, but he just walked fully outside, and I don’t even see it in one of his hands, which generally is where we find it.”
Fox is still acting like President Biden wearing a mask was a sign of weakness, when it was Biden’s mask-wearing and vigilance toward the pandemic that got America to the point where mask restrictions could be relaxed.
Fox’s little outburst was humiliating for the network and provided evidence of their campaign to undermine public health.
The vast majority of Americans will take a sprinting maskless president who is leading them out of a pandemic than the lumbering, morbidly obese former president who told people to inject bleach while thousands of Americans were dying each day.
Biden is building a successful presidency, and all Fox News can do is jeer from the peanut gallery.
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