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Beauty Salons Barbershops & Pandemic Reality

July 10, 2021
Before the pandemic, beauty salons and barbershops have always played a key role in helping to educate their patrons in the African American community. The effort to get the word out about the coronavirus pandemic and spreading information about vaccinations means meeting people where they are for the White House COVID Response Team. So a

AIDS Virus – Was it Man Made, or Did it Evolve?

March 3, 2015
The Origin of the AIDS Virus? There are many theories about the origin of the AIDS virus. Some say it was deliberately manufactured by the CIA as part of a biological warfare campaign. Others say large pharmaceutical corporations are behind it to profit from the pills they sell as treatment. Others say it evolved over

Folk Medicine Use Among The Gullah: Bridging The Gap Between Folk Medicine And Westernized Medicine

October 4, 2014
By Tiara S. Banks This study examined the practice of folk medicine among a group of African Americans living on the coast of the Sea Islands, the Gullah/Geechee. The Gullah/Geechee are descendants of enslaved Africans, transported from Western and West-Central Africa, who have preserved their African influenced culture consisting of language, food ways, rituals, and