\"Bro. Dick Gregory Unchained: On Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.\" 2/22/2013

What Did Dick Say??? Listen To The Entire Interviews Here:
Part 1 (1/13/2013)

Part 2 (1/16/2013)

Part 3 (2/22/2013)

“Bro. Dick Gregory Unchained: On Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.” 2/22/2013

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5 thoughts on “\"Bro. Dick Gregory Unchained: On Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.\" 2/22/2013

  1. I learn something every day. Adam Clayton Powell Jr. was one of the
    greatest Black congressmen ever. Of all this talk of him chillin in Bimini
    and jive talking,he was brillient and worked harder than any congressman.
    Wished he learned from Willie Brown or hired him as a aide. Brown was
    flamboyent and charismatic like Powell but,unlike him he made sure he did
    thing that didn’t get him indited. Brown said of Powell that his belief the
    system that protected other Congressman would do the same.

  2. The great ADAM CLAYTON POWELL JR. Adam Powell Jr. passed more laws than any
    other congressman or congresswoman in the history of the American Congress.
    Adam Clayton Powell Jr. passed over 104 laws; he was a very busy man in
    Congress. It appears his record will never be broken. FYI see his great
    speech right here on YOUTUBE just type in: WHAT’S IN YOR HAND This is one
    of the great speeches of all time!

  3. Wow despite the courageous stands these gentlemen took, they had such
    humility among each other.

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