Booker T Washington and WEB Dubois

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Booker T Washington and WEB Dubois

WEB Dubois VS booker T washington?I just wanna know the bad about the two. I know their intentions were good but i want to know the bad side to both people. Thank you 🙂 Any help is accepted :]

Posted by Manuel
[display_name id=”1″]W.E.B. Dubois was the leading black opponent of racial discrimination in the early 1900s. He won fame as an historian and sociologist. He opposed the African-American educator Booker T. Washington, who believed that black people could advance faster through hard work than by demands for equal rights. Washington founded and became the head of Tuskegee Institute, a vocational school for blacks in Alabama. DuBois founded the Niagara Movement in 1905. In 1909 he helped found the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Debois atacked Washington’s compromising views on political and civil rights. As far as the bad side of each: DuBois was a Communist, an Athiest and eventually renounced his American citizenship. The Baptist and Methodist ministers in the NAACP expelled him from membership. Many black people considered Booker T. Washington to be an “Uncle Tom” because he advised his people to stop demanding equal rights and to simply get along with white people. DuBois critizised Washington’s emphasis on accepting inequality and segregation for blacks in exchange for economic advancement. Also Washington by controlling black newspapers made it difficult for other views to be published. I hope that this has been a help to you.

Booker T. Washington and WEB Dubois?Using quotes from Booker T. Washington’s book “Up from Slavery” and WEB Dubois book “The soul of black folks”, explain their different views on what they wanted for african americans?

Posted by Patrica C
[display_name id=”1″]Booker wanted gradual sufferage, Dubois wanted it immediately.

Booker T Washington and WEB Dubois

Methods of WEB Dubois, Marcus Garvey, and Booker T Washington in civil rights movement?Can anyone differentiate between their methods? Thanks!

Posted by Drue T
[display_name id=”1″]Du Bois believed in educating himself, going to school, and getting into business to get ahead. Garvey was a huge advocate of the Pan-African movement, trying to get the entire black race to work together as a people. Booker T. Washington sacrificed his civil rights and political power because he believed that revolutions must be slow– he was more an advocate of land ownership rather than education.

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