Black Panther Co-Founder Bobby Seale discusses Huey P. Newton, COINTELPRO & other Topics {Part 1}

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14 thoughts on “Black Panther Co-Founder Bobby Seale discusses Huey P. Newton, COINTELPRO & other Topics {Part 1}

  1. Bobby Seale was personally pistol-whipped and sodomized by Huey Newton back
    in the 70’s. His sexual abuse was so violent that he had to have his anus
    surgically repaired by a Pacific Heights surgeon who was a supporter of the
    Black Panther Party. He was banished from the party by Huey and went into
    hiding for several years after this. Read “Black Murder, Inc.” by David
    Horowitz (a former Panther supporter) if you want the REAL TRUTH about
    Huey, Bobby, Elaine Brown and the Black Panthers. 

  2. this is the same white boy that was talking to that racist ass Dinesh
    whatshisface and sneak dissing black people

  3. bo miller thats BS i know bobby personally david horowitz is a GD liar
    dont spread these fricken lies to my people 

  4. we need more help in society now than ever before, imagine if Malcom X,
    MLK, Huey or other people who tried to improve society, came back and saw
    how general population acts now, i dont think they would be proud, most
    people just say “YOLO,” have parties repeatedly, get drunk, and sleep
    around with random people, then after they do all of that they consider
    them self an accomplished person, every generation is getting worse, and
    its not just the people, its the politicians most of all, they oppress us
    then get money for it, they kill innocent people and get the title “Hero.”
    the world is in-fixable.

  5. I swear they are still needed! If you look at Fred Hampton, and other
    Panthers speak it wasn’t only Blacks in attendance whites to.. They were
    for the People!

  6. Forward to Bobby Seale .. we need a genuine Black Panther Party everywhere
    Afrikans are living

  7. First time I saw this Video. I was blessed t met Brother Bobby once in Oak
    Park behind an issue involving the Brown Berets and an opportunist
    thug-group misled by a George Chung when Bobby Seale came into town an
    exposed him as a renegade.

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