Black History – Lost, Stolen, or Strayed

10 thoughts on “Black History – Lost, Stolen, or Strayed

  1. What a terrible injustice that is being done to those children by that
    Malcolm X lookalike.

  2. Yes, this is amazing history and yet “Black” Americans still struggle with
    their identity. So much so that we call ourselves “African-Americans” not
    realizing that by doing so we give way and turn away from the very
    “HISTORY” shared by this wonderful work of Mr. W. H. Cosby. Just as “Bill
    Cosby” hypocritically turn away from the words of this great work (for
    money) to play the very same stereotype in the movies “Uptown Saturday
    Night” and “Let’s Do it Again”, IMHO. However, all in all, this is a very
    fine piece of work!

  3. Assalamu Alaykum my beloved found and lost brothers and sisters, but mostly
    this message and video is intended for the lost blacks who are still
    suffering from Willy Lynch syndrome and appeasing the white man devil.
    Watch this video and see for yourselves that my words, the words of the
    most honorable Elijah Muhammad and Allah are uttered here. It is a fact
    that can not be contested that the white man is the devil. There are those
    sellout blacks and Satanic whites on a mission who say that racism is over,
    their mission is to preserve and protect white supremacy and destroy the
    black man and woman. Fact is that racism is forever engraved in the
    foundation of America, it lives on through old classic films where blacks
    are depicted as ignorant servants to the white man, and most of all these
    films were aiming to fuel Willy Lynch syndrome and help to indoctrinate and
    spread the agenda. White supremacy lives on in the tainted half truth black
    history that the white man devil teaches in his fool school system and has
    altered in the history books but I say thats not history but according to
    the white man devil is his-story, White supremacy lives on through biased
    law and programs/policy and projects like eugenics and other tactics. My
    lost brothers and sisters the trap the white man has set up for you is to
    rob you of your knowledge of self then teach you that you are nothing
    unless you join the white mans world and sell out. I say stop following
    white culture it has nothing to offer you but humiliation and shame/death.
    Join Allah and follow the teachings of the most honorable Elijah Muhammad
    and you will be able to stand on your own two black feet! I humbly
    understand more after seeing messages like these why my lost brothers and
    sisters will die for the white man devil before they die for their own. The
    world is ours black man and woman be strong and brave its time to state our
    claim! The white man devil will protest black liberation theology and
    movements and call people like me reverse racist and insane but all the
    while the white man is the one who enjoyed the fruits of racism and spent
    his/her entire lifetime destroying and demonizing blacks and all other
    races in order to stroke his Satanic ego. White man your days are
    numbered. All praise due to Allah.

  4. Very good work… To think we still go through this crap.. Melvin Van
    Peebles’ made a similar documentary called “Classified X”.

  5. “As for Sambo, who’s wrongs moved abolitionists to wrath and tears, there
    is some reason to believe that he suffered less than any other class in the
    south from its ‘peculiar institution.’ the majority of slaves were
    adequately fed,well cared for and apparently happy. Competent observers
    reported that they performed less labor then the hired man of the northern
    states. Their physical wants we’re better supplied then those of thousands
    of northern laborers,English operatives, and Irish peasant;their liberty
    was not much less than that employed by the North of England “hinds” or the
    Finnish torpare.”

    if u truly understand what slavery was all about…the above passage is an
    accurate statement. persons or human beings r expendable…PROPERTY is not.
    nowadays if a company ships it’s assets/property overseas who gets shafted?
    persons/human beings. if u r not property…screw u but hey thats FREEDOM
    right. also if u know anything about how this world works…FREEDOM IS AN

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