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Politics And The Olympics

January 17, 2015
  The Olympics: The World’s Largest Political Platform        Politics and the Olympics   View this image › Evgeny Feldman / AP The Olympics Games, being the longest-running regularly scheduled gathering of athletes and nations in the world, have often been a stage for political theater of all kind, from blatant propagandizing to

Eyes on the Prize – 09 – Power! 1967-1968

November 24, 2014
Power! (1966-68) The call for Black Power takes various forms across communities in black America. In Cleveland, Carl Stokes wins election as the first black mayor of a major American city. The Black Panther Party, armed with law books, breakfast programs, and guns, is born in Oakland. Substandard teaching practices prompt parents to gain educational

The Black Power Movement

October 17, 2014
This is an history photo montage and overview on The Black Power Movment I did for my independent history class I am currently doing. Enjoy!!! -note: When I uploaded the video onto youtube it significantly lowered the sound. So to hear it you need to turn up the volume on your computer up very high