Alabama City Remembered as Climactic Battle of Civil Rights Movement

Sunday, August 28, in Washington, President Obama leads the nation in dedicating a new national memorial to the late civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. King was a southern Baptist minister who rose to become the leading voice of the nation’s modern day civil rights movement during the1950’s and 1960’s. His struggle for equal rights and those of millions of African Americans did not come easily. VOA’s Chris Simkins has more on one of the pivotal events in the civil rights movement that brought national and international attention to King and his philosophy of non-violence.

10 thoughts on “Alabama City Remembered as Climactic Battle of Civil Rights Movement

  1. The world’s financial elite use various mechanisms to oppress groups of
    humans then move in to steal their land, ideas, gold, etc. Conversely,
    those marginalized groups are the ones that fill the jails, and keep the
    prison industrial complex fully functional and profitable for its’ major
    shareholders and event the less rich stakeholders, prison guards (who are
    typically not from American ghettos, but provided employment by housing and
    policing minority so-called criminals. One major miscalculation of the
    civil rights era was to erroneously tell blacks and their supporters to buy
    from majority white stores/corporations. Most of these
    stores/corporations were discriminating so they should not have been
    supported. Instead, a national (and even global) group of firms, that did
    not discriminate should have been setup and supported. Today, the result of
    the flaw in tactics, is that blacks businesses are virtually non-existent
    in the very communities where Moorish/Black/Alkebulan/Af American people
    live. All power to the people. We are all African.

  2. Those people you say black American people. We didn’t ask to be here in
    this country we were force stolen from our own land at the end of the day
    it can get ugly when reality set in just know that.

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    extremely high pressure.

  4. the water hoses were hardly a big deal…they were just cooling off those

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    to school.

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