Africa: Tokyo Olympics Organisers to Apply Strict Covid-19 Protocols to Athletes

Athletes finally have some clarity on the Covid-19 protocols they will face at the Tokyo Games later in 2021 after organisers release a list.
With fewer than 90 days until the opening of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics (2020 is retained in the title despite the Games being staged in 2021), athletes at the global showpiece will have more than performances to worry about.
A strict set of guidelines and Covid-19 measures has been issued to athletes and officials who will be in Tokyo, which will add some layers of angst to proceedings.

The tension of competition and living in an Olympic Village in close quarters with other athletes will have the added complication of avoiding a Covid-19 breakout. A spate of cases in Tokyo could scupper the entire event. So, no pressure then on young athletes, who should only be focused on their disciplines.
The uncertain nature of the pandemic also means that fans are unlikely to be allowed into venues staging sports, although there is still some debate about allowing in a limited number.
But for thousands of athletes who will be in Tokyo chasing their Olympic dreams, there is at least some clarity…

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