Africa Development Management Associates Launched to Provide Policy Formulation for Govts, Corporate Institutions in Africa

Monrovia — A network of associate planners has been launched to bring transformative solutions to the development and diplomacy problems amongst African governments, global, regional organizations and private sector establishments.
The African Development Management Associates (ADMA) was officially unveiled during the weekend, offering institutions the chance to sign up to its team which includes studies and research, technical and professional advisory and mentoring service; and human and institutional capacity-building.
Presenting the organization to the world, the Executive Director, Togar McIntosh, explained that they have a highly committed team of ‘associates with requisite capacities in two key developmental pillars: developmental diplomacy and development programming.

According to Mr. McIntosh, they have proven professionals with technical competences and experiences in formulating, managing national development and diplomatic policies, strategies, initiatives and institutions in Africa.
Mr. McIntosh, emphasizing on the development agenda, explained that it remains a progressive process that moves growth and prosperity from a lower level to an upper level along a given path.
The Executive Director further emphasized that a targeted and proactive policies, strategies, and programs are required to influence to impact of development outcomes.
“ADMA strongly believe that transforming structures and outcomes of national economies for ensuring better jobs, sustainable growth and shared development cannot happen on its own,” Mr. McIntosh explained.

Adding, “AMDA is at your service to help in managing the development process efficiently and effectively to get to your desirable outcome”
Mr. McIntosh highlighted on the diplomacy, stressed it demonstrates dynamism with broad utility in profession and technical setting, which leveraged to achieve entities’ goals.
Mr. McIntosh revealed that in the globalized world, states and corporations or development institutions must constantly reform and refine roles and build a positive reputation that wins the hearts and minds of their employees and the public.
“AMDA comes in to provide innovative expert advice and creative solutions. We help private and public sector change their approach to development in ways that produce outstanding outcome,” Mr. McIntosh said.

Adding, “We do these by deploying diplomatic tools and tactfulness to suit the need of client.”

Launching the organization, Liberia former President, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, advised that when young professionals take the stance to continue make contribution to country they should be supported.
Madam Sirleaf revealed that her policy is to recognize those who have decided to pursue opportunities not for their own personal use but to those who work and contribute their talents in nation-building.
“One of the greatest tragedy of our nation has been our inability to maintain the talents that we have, “Madam Sirleaf said.
Adding, “The experience and expertise that they built over the years because we know them for different reason, political, economy, personal and thereby we also lose the value of continuality in deepening the capacity of the nation.”
Madam Sirleaf who is the chair on the advisory board of the institution, however, said, she has observed that the documents presented by the institution possessed a depth of knowledge, therefore urged partner institutions and governments must have the obligation to support the technical work.

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Also speaking the Managing Director, B. Elias Shoniyin said ADMA is commitment to genuine long-term and mutual rewarding partnership with Liberian institutions and across Africa.
Mr. Shoniyin assured partners that the relationship would be a one-sided.
“We are aware of our responsibilities to our partners and clients, and will adopt and sustain high-quality standard in line with your program objectives, as we deepen the partnership, Mr. Shoniyin revealed.
ADMA Team is composed of Senior Associates, each bringing to the table more than 25 years of work experience at national, regional, and international levels. They are supported by a team of specialized subject-matter Associates with experiences ranging from 10-24 years doing development and/or diplomatic work.

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