Reparations To African-Americans For Slavery (1/3)

Author and activist Raymond Winbush argues why the U.S. government should pay reparations to African-Americans

This post is one in a series of posts on this site discussing the issue of reparations to African Americans for centuries of enslavement and the subsequent 100 years of racial subjugation under the Jim Crow apartheid system.




Reparations to African Americans for Slavery


Reparations for slavery debate in the United States – Wikipedia, the …

Reparations for slavery is a proposal that some type of compensation should be …. In addition, Amariel stated “For those blacks who wish to remain in America, …

It is un-controverted that African slaves were not compensated for their labor. … politic, the question of reparations for African Americans remains unresolved.

27, 2001 — The U.S. government’s first reparations plan to compensate African- Americans for the legacy of slavery was 40 acres and a mule apiece — that was …

20 thoughts on “Reparations To African-Americans For Slavery (1/3)

  1. Alot of people saying “why should i have to pay” but you paid them for the
    japanese americans and also the native americans and are continuing to do
    so…so why not african americans…what was done to blacks was wrong and
    so the US govt should make a formal apology and pay..even though slavery
    ended a long time ago blacks didnt get equal rights til the late
    60’s..thats only 30 to 40 yrs ago people..whites til this day are still
    benefiting from slavery so cut the BS..

  2. The last thing we want is the devalued American dollar-land and free
    education up to a masters

  3. Many (not all)of these white men are soo evil with their egotistic greedy
    mentality they rob the world of its original history and knowlege enslave
    their own people take land from the native Americans and go on rape and
    killing sprees then tourture african slaves and develope manipulative
    mentality to trick slaved into indusing hate on their own kind and trick
    Africans throw Monetary SYSTEMS t o enslave they own ppl and continue to
    develope oppressive systems to this day that will only excell coloreds or
    ethnics that pan more to there white mentality and only glamorize coloreds
    that carry out THIER corrupt aggendas and still think a couple programs and
    some calculations and sorrys are gonna fix it NO ! THATS ENOUGH OF THRIR
    groups are ignorant to the fact that knowledge is necessary to free the
    mind and rise up !!! 

  4. I spat my drink across the room when I heard 5-10 trillion dollars. Then I
    did it again when I heard 77 trillion. If we go for the figure of 10
    trillion, that is an estimated $152,000 per black person! This guy can’t be
    for real. 

  5. Why should all Americans pay for African Americans oppression? However, I
    do feel that some sort of recognition is necessary, as they provided
    tremendous amounts of work and money for America. First off, my parents are
    from Portugal and England and they haven’t been in America more then 40
    years. They left their homeland to start a new life and family. This
    situation is very similar to that of the slaves, and my parents didn’t get
    any money, so why should people who never had slaves or anything to do with
    slavery be held accountable for it?? The biggest mistake people make in
    life is thinking they’re owed recognition, if you want something do like
    every European immigrant and WORK for it.

  6. My ancestors came to this country with nothing and they grew into a high
    functioning society. Why should I have to help a group of people that
    can’t stand up on their own two feet? I understand why African Americans
    want to be repaired for years of free labor, but one also has to pose the
    question, why haven’t you gotten past an incident that occurred over 200
    years ago? I agree that what white Americans put Africans through is very
    wrong but at the end of the day this is in the past. 

  7. you tube shows just how evil soooooo many non blacks really are in this day
    in age.

  8. We should at least get land back! Notice I said back because some black
    people already had property and tools until it was taken from them. Black
    people have been driven mad by this racists society and then blamed for
    symptoms of a sickness that was contracted over 150 years ago.

  9. Get native Americans paid and blacks shall be paid lol simple as that.
    Everyone forgets us. Except Dave chapell and fluffy. No BS only way to go
    about it. 

  10. black people need to forgive white people for slavery already and get on
    with their lives. they can’t get ahead because they’ve got a huge victim

  11. 5 to 10 trillion dollars omg what ignorant stupid fuck ! oh yea black were
    gonna give you 5 to 10 trillion dollars ! how much would we owe you after
    we take our portion back for hud housing,welfare,taniff and food stamps !
    we don’t owe shit especially white people like me that didn’t even have
    family in this fucking country until well after the civilwar ! man you all
    can kiss my white hairy if you think i am giving you one fucking dime ! how
    your people went from such beaiutful culture to bunch of lazy ass victim
    playing broke dick bitches ! man no one owes you a goddamn thing except
    yourselves grow the fuck up and quit playing that poor me poor me victim
    panzy ass bitch shit !

  12. okay heres my answer to giving your people reparations ! were gonna keep it
    fair check this shit out ! most of America didn’t own slaves. basically
    what i am talking about is the confederacy we will make those states
    responsible for paying reparations ! another thing you want money for
    something you relatives went through. fine then what i suggest is we
    reprint the confederacy money. they were the people that owned your
    relatives so it should be there money that is given to you ! LMAFO that
    means once you receive your reparations no more welfare no more fucking
    food stamps no more off white people having to be politically correct ! oh
    yea reprinted confederacy money wouldn’t be worth wiping your ass with !

  13. I am a white guy. VERY white! In fact my last name is perhaps the most
    famous of all the southern Confederacy. I have the Last Will and Testament
    of one of my ancestors, showing the passing on of a particular “kitchen
    nigger bitch” to his progeny. These are not my words, so you can’t call me
    a racist.
    I believe I am due reparations for both slavery and it’s abolition. You
    see, not only did I lose vast sums of inheritance that I would have
    gleaned if indeed my ancestors had kept this source of cheap labor, but
    also, my ancestors had grown dependent upon this labor as well. The loss
    of it affected them deeply, leading to a inherited depression. To this
    day, I am not happy unless I have a black man to oppress. So much for my
    Constitutional Right to the “pursuit of happiness”. I figure I am owed a
    million dollars, but I will accept three fifths of that.

  14. bLv!!!! reparations….bLk power riches!!!!
    President ButLer
    Reparations For Slavery To African-Americans (1/3)

  15. It must have felt like the weight of the world coming off of your shoulders
    while you were typing that non surprising emotion filled response. I
    present facts, you expose your vagina. That racist train is NEVER late. How
    old are you? Picking cotton? Shining shoes? Next you’ll be telling me to
    stick to dancing at the Savoy? I bet your name’s some OLD racists shit like
    Zebediah, or Ezekiel. Dude, you just proved @scdevon’s intelligence curve
    comment to be shit. For that, I thank you.

  16. @bubbiz99 ,First off how can anyone with a brain deny the advantage of FREE
    LABOR in building a national economy?? When you don’t have to PAY your
    workers, obviously profits will be increased substantially. Second off, 99%
    were poor as black slaves? Where did you get this figure? I don’t believe
    it is accurate.The southern states were the wealthiest in the nation pre
    Civil War. Third, some were poor but they were still considered HUMAN
    unlike blacks who were called 3/5 human and had NO rights.

  17. Africans were enslaving each other for a long time before the colonial
    powers showed up. It was African slave owners who sold their own slaves to
    the white slave traders. Africa is the place where slavery STILL thrives,
    and OF COURSE…It’s because of evil white people. HAHAHAHA How pathetic
    their blame game has become. White guilt voted in a black man to the
    highest office they have to give, and what did those Americans get for it?
    hope and change. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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