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USPS and Mail-In Ballots: States Warned It May Not Meet Deadlines

August 16, 2020
WASHINGTON — The Postal Service has warned states that it may not be able to meet their deadlines for delivering last-minute mail-in ballots, further fueling the clash over the new postmaster general’s handling of vote-by-mail operations as President Trump continued to rail against the practice.In letters sent in July to all 50 states and the

As Trump Demanded Schools Reopen, His Experts Warned of ‘Highest Risk’

July 12, 2020
Groups representing education leaders praised the document, saying after months of mixed messages from the federal government, the inclusion of specific plans could serve as a blue print for schools and families to help navigate the uncertainty that the fall will bring.“What it tells us is left to its own devices, the C.D.C. can do