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Tensions flare between Trump fans and opponents at DC protests

November 15, 2020
Tensions flared after dark Saturday as pro- and anti-Trump factions clashed in Washington, D.C. — hours after the president himself made a drive-by appearance at a recount rally attended by thousands of his supporters. In one incident, three Trump supporters were eating at a restaurant two blocks from the White House when someone set off

‘Tensions high at sites of early voting’ … okay, but who’s responsible?

October 21, 2020
The article offers example after example showing this is a Trump issue.  Trump supporters rallied right by ballot drop boxes in Nevada City, California, forcing voters to make their way through or around the rally to vote, with some feeling intimidated In Hendersonville, Tennessee, a Trump supporter drove a truck and trailer around a polling

Portland Shooting Amplifies Tensions in Presidential Race

August 31, 2020
PORTLAND, Ore. — A fatal shooting in Portland, Ore., over the weekend led President Trump to unleash a torrent of tweets and attacks on Sunday, capping a volatile week of street violence that is becoming a major theme in the final weeks of the 2020 campaign.On Saturday, a man affiliated with a right-wing group was