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Africa: U.S. Push for a Global Clean Energy Transition Can Start in Africa

May 28, 2021
Katie Auth is policy director at the Energy for Growth Hub and former deputy coordinator of Power Africa at USAID. Todd Moss is executive director at the Hub and a former deputy assistant secretary of State for African Affairs. Rose Mutiso is research director at the Hub and former senior fellow at the Department of

KENYA : Tavaziva Madzinga gets off to a tricky start at the head of Britam

February 22, 2021
Executives at Kenyan insurance giant Britam were so put out by Zimbabwean national Tavaziva Madzinga being parachuted in to head the company that they forced the previous incumbent, Benson Wairegi, to postpone his retirement so as to ensure a smooth transition. Source link

Schumer Won’t Start Trump’s Impeachment Trial Until After Biden’s Cabinet Is Confirmed

January 22, 2021
Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer laid out his plan for Trump’s impeachment trial on Friday night, and it won’t start until after Biden gets his cabinet. CNN reported, “Under an agreement between Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell that Schumer announced Friday evening, the Senate would take up the ceremonial

Africa: Covid-19: An Opportunity to Start Over and Do Better?

December 10, 2020
On November 30th, All Africa participated in a global media webinar with Marian Salzman, Senior Vice-President of Global Communications at Philip Morris International (PMI). Considered as one of the world’s top trendspotters, well known for her annual trends forecasts, she presented an exclusive report on upcoming trends in this unprecedented time and what lies ahead

Harvard graduate students start petition to ban Trump officials

November 19, 2020
A group of Harvard University students circulated a petition aimed at keeping Trump administration officials from teaching, attending or speaking at the Ivy League school — but not everyone was on board with their “progressive” agenda, according to a report. The petition, drafted last week by students at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences,

Ex-Trump aide John Kelly pleads for start of Biden transition

November 14, 2020
President Trump’s former chief of staff is joining the chorus of Washington insiders demanding the start of a Biden administration transition — ever so gently. “I know Mr. Trump better than most people do,” retired four-star Marine Corps general John Kelly told Politico. “I know that he’ll never accept defeat and, in fact, he doesn’t

As Trump Ignores Virus Crisis, Republicans Start to Break Ranks

July 20, 2020
President Trump’s failure to contain the coronavirus outbreak and his refusal to promote clear public-health guidelines have left many senior Republicans despairing that he will ever play a constructive role in addressing the crisis, with some concluding they must work around Mr. Trump and ignore or even contradict his pronouncements.In recent days, some of the