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A 4th Presidential Debate? Commission Says No to Trump

August 6, 2020
Members of the Commission on Presidential Debates on Thursday rejected the Trump campaign’s request for changes to the fall debate schedule, declining to shift the debates earlier or add a fourth debate to the calendar.President Trump and his campaign had argued that the current debate schedule, which calls for three debates between Mr. Trump and

Valerie Jarrett Says She Doesn’t Support Defunding Police Departments: ‘Democracy Depends Upon Having Law Enforcement’

June 9, 2020
Valerie Jarrett said the protests throughout the country in the wake of George Floyd’s killing have “shone a light” on issues between police and communities of color. But President Barack Obama’s former senior advisor said she does not support defunding police departments, which has become a rallying cry for many activists. “Democracy depends upon having…

Joe Biden Says It’s Not Time to Panic. But His Campaign Is In Trouble.

March 3, 2020
After back-to-back dismal finishes, former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign is scrambling to sharpen its strategy as it heads into a do-or-die stretch. Biden advisers spent much of Wednesday on the phone with donors and supporters, seeking to reassure loyalists that it’s not time to panic. They told allies to look for more of Biden…

China Says U.S. Will, and Must, Cut Tariffs to Reach a Trade Deal

December 8, 2019
The development suggests progress toward an interim agreement that would provide relief to businesses and consumers.A container ship docked at a port in Shanghai.Credit...Lam Yik Fei for The New York TimesWASHINGTON — The United States and China have agreed that an initial trade deal between the two countries would roll back a portion of the…

Meghan Markle Says British Tabloids Have Made Her Marriage to Prince Harry ‘Challenging’

October 30, 2019
(LONDON) — The Duchess of Sussex says her first year of marriage to Britain’s Prince Harry has been difficult because of the pressure from Britain’s tabloid press. In an interview broadcast Sunday, Meghan Markle told British TV channel ITV that her British friends warned her not to marry the prince because of the intense media…

Bears (and Lynx and Rhinos) Are Officially ‘Dangerous,’ N.Y. Says

October 21, 2019
New York|Bears (and Lynx and Rhinos) Are Officially ‘Dangerous,’ N.Y. SaysA spate of attacks on people prompted the state to expand its list of harmful animals to include more snakes, monkeys and others.ImageNew York is seeking to expand its list of dangerous animals to include the Eurasian lynx, above, as well as a variety of…

Justin Trudeau Says He Didn’t Remember Blackface and Brownface Photos and Admits There Could Be More

October 18, 2019
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau admitted Thursday that he’s unsure whether there are more images of him in blackface or brownface beyond the ones that have already been released. Trudeau has been under fire since Wednesday, when TIME published a photograph of him in brownface at a party at the private school where he was…