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Mozambique: Mozambican Debt Remains Unsustainable

June 1, 2021
Maputo — Mozambique’s public debt remains “unsustainable”, according to the latest annual report on the debt from the Ministry of Economy and Finance, and hence the country remains debt distressed. All the key debt ratios showed a decline in sustainability in 2020. Thus the ratio of the net present value of the debt to Mozambique’s

Trump remains silent on massive Russian cyberattack — and almost everything else except his own election

December 18, 2020
President Trump has tweeted or retweeted 96 messages so far this week. The vast majority of them were attacks on the election, with baseless allegations of voter fraud and false claims that he won. Interspersed were a few updates on the U.S. coronavirus vaccine rollout, an analysis of Fox News ratings, a complaint about the