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If Trump Loses, He Will Resign And Have Mike Pence Pardon Him

September 9, 2020
In a discussion with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on Tuesday, Donald Trump’s former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, explained the great lengths to which the president will go to avoid criminal charges and prison time. Cohen told Maddow he believes that if Trump loses to Joe Biden, he will resign and have Mike Pence pardon him before

Kamala Harris Says What Trump And Pence Won’t About The Jacob Blake Shooting

August 28, 2020
Kamala Harris gave a powerful answer when asked about the Jacob Blake shooting on Friday, while Pence and Trump didn’t mention it at the GOP convention. Harris said during an interview with NBC’s Craig Melvin that she didn’t see how the shooting was justified, “Craig, I don’t see it, but I don’t have all the

Mike Pence Shows Why Kamala Harris Will Wipe The Floor With Him

August 27, 2020
Pence gave a dull acceptance speech full of the usual sucking up to Trump and lies that define the VP as a speedbump for Kamala Harris. When he wasn’t talking about what an honest guy who keeps his word Trump is, Pence claimed that Democrats attacked America when they attacked Trump: Pence claims that Democrats

Pence Brags About Manufacturing Jobs as Trump Calls for Boycott of Goodyear

August 19, 2020
On Wednesday night, Barack Obama will be speaking at the Democratic National Convention. Knowing that this oration will be hotly anticipated by many Americans, the Trump administration is focused on attacking the 44th President. Mike Pence tried to do so on Wednesday by comparing the manufacturing jobs created by Obama to those created by Donald

Why Mike Pence Should Be Worried About Debating Kamala Harris

August 13, 2020
The story of the political career of Kamala Harris can be told, in part, by videotape. Ms. Harris has risen to public attention — and more important, risen to the attention of Joseph R. Biden Jr., who picked her as his running mate on Tuesday — because of a series of often dramatic moments during