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In Saturday primary, Honolulu voters may choose new path on criminal justice

August 7, 2020
Seven candidates are competing here, but recent polls show that only three of them have a good chance to advance to an all-but-certain second round in November: public defender Jacquie Esser; defense attorney Megan Kau, who is a former local prosecutor; and former Hawaii Circuit Court Judge Steve Alm, who served as U.S. attorney during

Joe Biden’s Win in Michigan Gives Him a Clear Path to the Democratic Nomination

March 23, 2020
Joe Biden is looking more and more like the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, adding to his delegate lead on Tuesday with another set of primary victories that further deflated Bernie Sanders’ campaign. Six states voted on Tuesday, and Biden won the first three to close their polls: Michigan, Mississippi and Missouri. Voting continued in Washington,…

Trump, Ukraine And The Path To The Impeachment Inquiry: A Timeline

October 12, 2019