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Maddow Obliterates Trump And The GOP For Officially Killing The Supreme Court’s Credibility

October 27, 2020
Rachel Maddow blasted Donald Trump and his Republican loyalists on Monday night for killing the independence of the United States Supreme Court in a single presidential term. The MSNBC host said that Trump has put his stain on all three of his Supreme Court appointments, effectively transforming the court into another political body with zero

Bears (and Lynx and Rhinos) Are Officially ‘Dangerous,’ N.Y. Says

October 21, 2019
New York|Bears (and Lynx and Rhinos) Are Officially ‘Dangerous,’ N.Y. SaysA spate of attacks on people prompted the state to expand its list of harmful animals to include more snakes, monkeys and others.ImageNew York is seeking to expand its list of dangerous animals to include the Eurasian lynx, above, as well as a variety of…