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Ohio lottery offers residents shot at $1m

May 12, 2021
Demand for Covid-19 vaccines have been falling across the US in recent weeksThe US state of Ohio will award cash prizes of $1m (£710,000) to five recipients of Covid-19 vaccines as part of a lottery launched to boost flagging up-take of jabs.Ohio Governor Mike DeWine said only adult residents who had had a vaccine would

EQUATORIAL GUINEA : Oil minister Obiang offers Trident glimmer of hope for Zafiro

March 4, 2021
The meeting was never made public. But according to our sources, two of oil minister Gabriel Obiang Lima’s closest aides met last October in Dubai with Trident Energy to discuss the Zafiro field, currently in the hands of ExxonMobil.In a Source link

Africa: Discovery of Two New Giant Radio Galaxies Offers Fresh Insights Into the Universe

January 19, 2021
Two giant radio galaxies have been discovered with South Africa’s powerful MeerKAT telescope, located in the Karoo region, a semi-arid area in the south west of the country. Radio galaxies get their name from the fact that they release huge beams, or ‘jets’, of radio light. These happen through the interaction between charged particles and

New Texas poll showing Biden winning also offers Democrats path to victory in Senate race

July 23, 2020
Air Force veteran MJ Hegar, the Democrats’ nominee in Texas’ Senate race this fall. The first poll out of Texas since Air Force veteran MJ Hegar won last week’s Democratic runoff finds Republican Sen. John Cornyn leading their matchup 47-38, but it nonetheless contains plenty of good news for Democrats, who are hoping to win

How One Man’s Story Offers a New Way to Understand Slave Insurrection

January 29, 2020
Wager, also known by his African name, Apongo, was a leader of the largest slave rebellion in the 18th century British Empire. But long before taking his part in the great Jamaican insurrection of 1760– 1761, commonly called Tacky’s Revolt, he had been on a remarkable odyssey. Apongo had been a military leader in West…