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Iran says it will boost uranium enrichment in its latest breach of nuclear agreement Trump trashed

January 2, 2021
Iranian officials continue to assert, as they have for decades, that their nuclear program is wholly peaceful, and the nation has no intention of building such weapons. U.S. and other Western intelligence experts say that until 2002, Iran was secretly working on nuclear weapons. Tehran has repeatedly denied this. After Trump left the agreement and reimposed

North Korea calls nuclear watchdog a ‘marionette’ of the West

November 12, 2020
North Korea rebuked the U.N.’s nuclear watchdog agency as “a marionette dancing to the tune” of the West, signaling Pyonyang’s continued hostility toward international monitoring. North Korean Ambassador Kim Song’s dismissive words came Wednesday at a U.N. General Assembly meeting, after the International Atomic Energy Agency condemned Pyongyang’s ongoing nuclear activities as “a clear violation”

Mama bear and cub shot after climbing on Russian nuclear sub

November 10, 2020
Nyet today, bear! A mother bear and her cub were gunned down by the Russian Navy — after the animals climbed on a nuclear submarine that was docked off the eastern coast of the country, the BBC reported. A hunting instructor was called in by the Navy to “neutralize” the wild animals moored off a

Progressive groups push House Dems to help Biden resurrect Iran nuclear agreement

September 12, 2020
The letter was also signed by the Arms Control Association, the progressive Jewish organization J-Street, and foreign policy-focused groups  Just Foreign Policy and Win Without War. […] Rep. Eliot Engel (D–N.Y.), the current chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, was one of nineteen House Democrats who joined with Republicans to vote against the [JCPOA]