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Africa: Busybodies Outside the Gates – Nigerian Social Media Obsession With Gates’ Divorce Ignores Its Own Marriage Crisis

May 10, 2021
The Gates break-up is somehow being framed in Nigerian media as irrefutable evidence that divinity, and not money, sustains a marriage. In other words, if the Gates had a little more god, the marriage might have been saved. It’s the sort of awkward, largely conservative thinking that suggests that wealth and successful marriage are incompatible.

NIGERIA : South Africa's MTN treads a fine diplomatic line to stay atop Nigerian telecommunications market

April 12, 2021
Karl Olutukun Toriola, who became head of MTN Nigeria, South African telecommunication giant MTN’s biggest subsidiary, on 1 March, has every reason to be happy. The annual results published by Source link

Zimbabwe: Mai Titi in Social Media Spat With Nigerian Bae

March 30, 2021
POPULAR Zimbabwean comedienne Mai Titi’s relationship with Nigerian fiancé, Charles Obina Ugwa is on the rocks, barely a year after the two engaged. The two had started dating and later engaged soon after Mai Titi’s nasty divorce with local musician, Zizoe. One of Mai Titi’s followers who happened to be Obinas’s brother, hooked the two

Africa: AfCFTA – What Nigerian Businesses Must Do to Export to African Countries – Official

January 18, 2021
Nigerian govt unveils guidelines for export to AfCTA countries The Nigerian Office for Trade Negotiations (NOTN) Saturday said exporters or agents aspiring to move products to countries under the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCTA) must obtain permits, licences, certificates and other relevant documentation from appropriate government agencies. Apart from getting regulatory approvals from such