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Woman accused of killing Harry Dunn was working with US intelligence

February 4, 2021
An America diplomat’s wife who killed a UK teen motorcyclist in a 2019 wrong-way crash was “employed by an intelligence agency in the US” at the time of the accident, according to her attorney. Anne Sacoolas, 43, has admitted that she was driving on the wrong side of the road as she left a US

12-year-old New Orleans girl accused of killing her infant brother

November 19, 2020
A 12-year-old New Orleans girl was reportedly charged with murder over the death of her 6-month-old brother, officials announced on Thursday. The juvenile was charged after the infant was found dead at the family’s St. Charles Parish home on Sunday, WWL-TV reported, citing police. “He was perfect,” the children’s aunt, Nicole Brown, told the outlet,

Alabama teen accused of killing five shows ‘no remorse’: docs

November 13, 2020
An Alabama teen charged with killing his family — after discovering his mother wasn’t biologically related to him — has shown no remorse while locked up at a juvenile detention center, newly released documents show. Mason Wayne Sisk, 15, is facing capital murder charges in the September 2019 shooting massacre of his father, stepmother and

Maddow Obliterates Trump And The GOP For Officially Killing The Supreme Court’s Credibility

October 27, 2020
Rachel Maddow blasted Donald Trump and his Republican loyalists on Monday night for killing the independence of the United States Supreme Court in a single presidential term. The MSNBC host said that Trump has put his stain on all three of his Supreme Court appointments, effectively transforming the court into another political body with zero

57% Of Republicans Say Trump Killing Over 170,000 Americans Is Acceptable

August 23, 2020
A new poll found that 57% of Republicans are perfectly fine with Trump’s pandemic mismanagement killing over 170,000 Americans. CBS News reported, “For most Republicans, America is a nation where the economy is still fairly good, where the effort to handle the coronavirus is going at least somewhat well and the president is doing a