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There was never, ever going to be a bipartisan investigation into the Jan. 6 attacks

May 23, 2021
Max Boot, writing for The Washington Post, thinks this was all to be expected. In fact, it may well be a blessing in disguise. As Boot points out, the bipartisan commission, as agreed to by Reps. Bennie Thompson, a Democrat, and Republican John Katko, would have permitted Republicans to hamstring its effectiveness by requiring a majority vote of

Rudy Giuliani’s legal woes mount as a federal criminal investigation into his Ukraine dealings resumes, report says

March 6, 2021
Rudy Giuliani speaks during an appearance before the Michigan House Oversight Committee on December 2, 2020 in Lansing, Michigan. Rey Del Rio/Getty ImagesA probe into Rudy Giuliani’s business and overseas dealings has resumed, according to AP.The criminal investigation will look into the legality of his conversations with Ukrainian officials.Giuliani is also facing lawsuits from Dominion

Trump Faces Criminal Investigation And Lawsuits As Soon As He Leaves Office

November 9, 2020
Trump will be facing at least one criminal investigation and multiple lawsuits after he no longer has the presidency to shield him. Video: Now that Trump has lost he is staring down the barrel at multiple lawsuits, a criminal investigation, and potentially $100 million in IRS fines. pic.twitter.com/QD6BuBjcqQ — Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) November 9,