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Zambia Ban On Car, Grocery Exports Via Vic Falls Border

February 7, 2021
Victoria Falls — Zambia’s Revenue Authority (ZRA) has announced it will ban exportation of a cocktail of goods including vehicles, household items and groceries through Victoria Falls Border starting on 1 March. The decision by the neighbouring country is expected to hit hard especially on Victoria Falls residents who before the lockdown relied on buying

The World of the White House Falls to Pieces – BillMoyers.com

January 16, 2021
Two stories jump out at me tonight. The first is the question of why Trump seems so desperate to stay in a job he clearly has no interest in doing. Today, reporters caught sight of Michael J. Lindell, the CEO of MyPillow, going into the White House. Lindell has been strong advocate of the idea

Trump Onslaught Against Biden Falls Short of a Breakthrough

September 12, 2020
In Minnesota, Mr. Biden was ahead among suburban voters by 20 percentage points. In Wisconsin, that advantage was just five points.More significant for the former vice president is his strength with seniors, an advantage Democrats did not enjoy four years ago. Mr. Biden enjoys a 12-point lead, 52 to 40, among people 65 and older