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Trump Gets Virtually No Bounce From The Republican Convention

August 29, 2020
The first post-Republican convention poll is out, and it shows Trump still trailing Joe Biden by six points with Biden at 50%. The Morning Consult Poll found: NEW POLL: @realDonaldTrump pulls closer to @JoeBiden after #RNC2020, nearly halving a 10-point deficit to 6 points. Read more here from @eyokley: https://t.co/3pyNu63wGg pic.twitter.com/jqdZzomlgn — Morning Consult (@MorningConsult)

Trump’s convention speech make you feel crazy? Rachel Maddow’s fact-check will restore your sanity

August 28, 2020
I think it might be helpful if I just did like a real, real quick speed-read auctioneer fact-check, just on some of the top lines so we can clear those out of the way. This was more than an hour-long speech by the president. We think this is the second-longest acceptance speech ever given by

Highlights From the Republican National Convention: Night 1

August 25, 2020
“Democrats started their convention last week with Eva Longoria, a famous Hollywood actress who played a housewife on TV. Well, I’m actually a real housewife and a mom from Michigan with two wonderful kids in public school who happens to be the only — only the second woman in 164 years to run the Republican

Donald Trump Jr. Flops At GOP Convention With Laughably Bad Speech

August 25, 2020
Donald Trump Jr. poorly delivered a fantasy speech divorced from reality with glassy eyes that was so bad, it was funny. Don Jr. accused Democrats of trying to cut taxes for millionaires when his daddy passed the biggest tax cut for the rich and corporations in history: Donald Trump isn’t so much giving a speech,

Trump Claims Democrats Are Stealing The Election In GOP Convention Meltdown

August 24, 2020
Trump couldn’t keep it together for five minutes while accepting the Republican nomination as he claimed that Democrats are stealing the election. Trump said: Because we caught them doing some really bad things in 2016. Let’s see what happens. We caught them doing some really bad things. We have to be careful because trying it

Not the Convention, or the Election, North Carolina Republicans Hoped For

August 24, 2020
“They say most people get more conservative as you age, but I’ve gotten more liberal,” said Cindy Strom, an educational consultant who lives in the Charlotte suburb of Mooresville after moving from Chicago four years ago.In a sense, Ms. Strom is like other recent transplants who are helping to transform the state’s political dynamics by

Democrats have a plan to disrupt Trump’s convention and cripple his message: report

August 23, 2020
Donald Trump Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump acknowledges the crowd during the evening session on the fourth day of the Republican National Convention on July 21, 2016 Alex Wong/Getty Images With the virtual Democratic National Convention in the rear-view mirror and the nomination handed to former Vice President Joe Biden, Democratic strategists plan to do

Michael Bloomberg tells America to ‘fire’ Trump in convention speech

August 21, 2020
Michael Bloomberg accused President Trump of cozying up to white supremacists in a speech at the 2020 Democratic National Convention on Thursday night where he asked voters to fire the commander in chief. “Four years ago I came before this very convention and said, ‘New Yorkers know a con when we see one,’” the former

Watching Bill Clinton and Jill Biden at the Democratic National Convention? Talk about it here

August 19, 2020
Dr. Jill Biden Night One of the strangest Democratic National Convention ever went off surprisingly well, capped by another memorable Michelle Obama speech. Can Night Two, which is headlined by former President Bill Clinton and former second lady Dr. Jill Biden, repeat Night One’s success? The main hour of programming begins at 10 PM ET.  You can watch

Democrats Begin Virtual Convention, Hailing Biden and Denouncing Trump

August 18, 2020
In this way, the program was reminiscent of Hillary Clinton’s convention four years ago, when the party also tried to bring along its left flank but spent even more time seeking to portray Mr. Trump as an outlier far removed from the political mainstream.The specter of a Trump presidency back then, however, was a theoretical

Democratic National Convention Night 1: What To Know

August 17, 2020
[Speakers, start time, schedule and more: Here’s how to watch the Democratic National Convention.]The first-ever virtual convention begins tonight, as Democrats gather — sort of — to nominate Joseph R. Biden Jr. for the presidency and Senator Kamala Harris of California as his running mate. Even with coronavirus-imposed restrictions, the speeches over the next few

It’s Convention Time: 2-Minute Speeches, No Pomp, a Forlorn Milwaukee

August 17, 2020
MILWAUKEE — In a year of canceled plans, with vacations, graduations and sports seasons upended by the coronavirus crisis, the stretch of downtown Milwaukee where Democrats were supposed to hold their nominating convention this week was quiet and sparsely populated — another reminder of a summer lost.Instead of thousands of Democrats preparing to gather at

Trump Says It’s Too Dangerous For His Convention But Safe For Your Kids To Return To School

July 24, 2020
During the third day of Donald Trump’s second season of coronavirus press conferences, the president sent more mixed signals about the pandemic. The big news, as PoliticusUSA’s Jason Easley noted, is the fact that Trump canceled his doomed convention in Jacksonville, Florida. “I looked at my team and I said the timing for this event