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IVORY COAST : NGO African Parks to begin working in Ivory Coast

May 24, 2021
In Ivory Coast, the minister of water and forests has been in discussions since mid-March with the South African NGO Source link

Biden chides ‘dull’ Coast Guard grads in wild speech

May 19, 2021
President Biden delivered rollercoaster remarks Wednesday at the US Coast Guard Academy’s graduation ceremony, calling the grads a “dull class” while boasting of his own college exploits including a fire-extinguisher assault on his dorm’s RA. Biden attempted to earn laughs at the expense of the US Navy, but when the cadets didn’t respond, he turned

IVORY COAST : Olam loses its cocao crown

April 20, 2021
The first buying period for the 2020-21 cocoa season ended on 31 March and initial results show a major rebalancing between the main buyers. Agri-business behemoth Olam lost the pole position it had held among buyers of Ivorian beans since 2016 to US firm Cargill West Africa. Source link

IVORY COAST : After Zimbabwe, B2Gold sets its sights on Ivorian gold

December 13, 2020
The booming Ivorian gold sector has succeeded in attracting a new player that is already well known in African mining circles: Canada’s B2Gold Corp. Source link