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Trump sabotages postal service and census to rig elections in 2020 and beyond

August 1, 2020
​ Campaign Action ​Trump, however, has spent the past several months lying about mail voting by making baseless claims that it leads to voter fraud. Meanwhile, a rushed census exacerbates the already heightened risk of undercounts of certain populations, such as those who lack internet access or live in remote areas, due to the pandemic.

Filling Out a Census Has Always Been a Political Act

May 7, 2020
There are seven individual questions on the 2020 U.S. Census: name, usual abode, relationship (to the household’s “Person 1”), sex, age, ethnicity and race. Most people will need just a few minutes to answer them. As of April 15, around 49% of households have already done so. But don’t mistake this for a simple, forgettable,…