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Biden Makes McConnell’s Bad Day Even Worse By Exposing The GOP Plot To Block COVID Relief

February 16, 2021
President Joe Biden didn’t mince words on Tuesday when it came to Republican efforts to block COVID relief legislation that the country desperately needs. Before departing the White House for a town hall event in Wisconsin, Biden was asked about Republican opposition to his COVID relief package. “Mitch McConnell said that opposing COVID relief will

Trump’s Base Is Shrinking Which Is Why He’s Trying To Block Your Vote

September 3, 2020
The backbone of Trump’s support is non-college-educated white voters, but these voters have shrunk by 4% since 2016. NPR and Brookings Institution analyzed census data and found: President Trump’s base has gotten smaller. That’s a key finding of an analysis of how the U.S. electorate has changed since 2016, based on census data analyzed by

Judge Denies Attempt To Block Niece’s Tell-All Book

July 14, 2020
In another court loss for Donald Trump, a New York judge denied a bid to block the publication of his niece’s tell-book, which is set to be released on Tuesday. BREAKING: Mary Trump and Simon & Schuster WIN the lawsuit seeking to block publication of “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the