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Scientists make bigger monkey brains using human genes

November 19, 2020
What could go wrong? Scientists made monkey brains double in size by splicing them with human genes in a “Planet of the Apes”-style experiment. During the study, Japanese and German researchers injected a gene called ARHGAP11B — which directs stem cells in the human brain — into the dark matter of marmoset fetuses, according to

Deranged Trump Says Mail-In Ballots Are A Bigger Threat To Democracy Than Russia

August 11, 2020
A sluggish and seemingly sedated Donald Trump said on Monday that Democrats pushing for expanded mail-in voting during a pandemic are actually a bigger threat to democracy than Russia. “I’ll tell you who’s meddling in our elections – the Democrats are meddling by wanting and insisting on sending mail-in ballots where there’s corruption all over